YOP: Nov 10-17, 2019


I had a great week, full of resolve and strength to forge ahead with a few things that were backburnered by technique or errors. I made scary large calls to tink back TWO different stranded projects. The first was my Aurora Polaris cowl which I started on reclaimed yarn from a sweater Sweetgeorgia in Nightshade & Valley Yarns multi just wasn’t making me happy…not the gauge, not the matching of yarns so I frogged it -Yep all 45 rounds.

The second frogress was my Djamila cardi…I had made a colour error at round 7 but I didn’t find it until round 14, left it and knit 2 more rounds, but it was bugging me, so thought I’d just do a duplicate stitch, but I don’t know how, so that went into hibernation. I brought the cardigan back out with YouTube at the ready to learn how to do duplicate stitching and saw a second error…gah!, only way I’d love this would be to frog to the 6th round. Holy Crap! So I cleared the kitchen table and set to it. I survived, the yarn frogged nicely and I’m 2 rounds to the good and much happier with the whole sweater again. FROGRESS became progress.

Weather-wise we’ve been overcast and rainy (I could copy and paste this for every week lately) so the dogs and I tried to sneak hikes in between showers, suffice it to say the pickings were slim. I did score a find, the tail feather of a red hawk to add to my collection.

The photo below is everything I’m knitting with any regularity all in one place. I knit a slipper to eventually felt, only my second felting project, (link below) I’ll display once that process it photogenic, lol. I have done the 4 set-up rows for an Advent Shawl KAL being done in Sock Madness but there won’t be any clues until Day 1, Dec 1st. I’ll blog it from then. The red Cascade Heritage sits in a cake waiting for “the Perfect Pattern” -sigh.

My projects are linked in case you’re curious







There are lots of other YOP-pers, we are part of Ravelry, you can follow along here:


Happy Trails ~

3 thoughts on “YOP: Nov 10-17, 2019

  1. You are brave and strong to frog all that but I totally understand! Things like that bug me too….so I bite the bullet and start over as many times as it takes! LOL! I like all your socks and the cowl looks very nice with the black. the Advent Scarf KAL looks interesting! Enjoy!

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