YOP: Oct 28- Nov 3, 2019

I spent part of my week over on the mainland visiting with friends that I haven’t seen in nearly a year. I traveled home on Tuesday via ferry on a glorious fall day. The weather has brought us several mornings of frost but the days are bright as if to make up for the bitter start.

I’m making progress on several projects, the funniest being these fingerless mitts. I adore stranded or fairisle knitting, in this case I got all engrossed and voilà forgot to begin the thumb gusset.

Yep, had to rip 12 rounds out but I also got to re-knit them, which is the best of the silly situation. All’s well now I and I’m where the white squares are on the progress meter.

I have sock cuffs from the Kinfolk but no idea of a design yet so they’ll hibernate until I decide.

I’ve also got a charcoal grey Kroy pair for boot socks for myself in Vanilla Latte, K6, P2 which I can do without a lot of light since these are a bit tricky to see in the autumnal days. No photo, I’ll fix that soon.

We’ve been making progress in decluttering the outdoors, I’ll take another load to the waste management facility today. The Shelter-Logic storage lacks only the front door, we ran out of steam yesterday and daylight. We’ve lined the inside with a 15′ x 20′ tarp to add a layer of dryness. This “deal” my wife found used at a local sale isn’t as pristine as the seller claimed. I saw a very similar one on sale in Canadian Tire for $350, we haven’t run up extraneous costs to match that but I sincerely wished we’d just bought a new one. We’d have run into the same location snags and ground cover issues that had us hacking down errant Oregon Grape bushes and a few self willed saplings. That’s why with the added trip to town 45 km we gave up before it was all done.

We also were ready for Halloween but not a single ghoul, ghost, or superhero graced us with a visit. We had zero last year, and the year before…hmmmm…why do we buy 60 pieces of candy to divvy out? I did not carve my pumpkin as a scary or jolly creature because this is what we do with them.

This corner setting was my only other nod to the season and it will stay up until I decorate for the red/green winter holiday that’s still 7 weeks away so no mention needs to be made at this time. (I did remark that since were spending so much time on ladders maybe I should put up the Chxxxxxxs lights and received a withering frown as a reply.) Ha!

That winds up my week. I hope yours was as productive or not as you desire and that life around you continues to provide the joy you seek.

Stop by and see what other YOPpers are doing here.


8 thoughts on “YOP: Oct 28- Nov 3, 2019

  1. Your stranded work is gorgeous, I can totally relate to being happy to do it again, it is quite addictive. It sounds as though you have had a very productive week.

  2. What beautiful gloves, is this a pattern you bought or one you’ve designed. The colour combinations are lovely. I once did thumb gussets on both sides of a mitten by accident, a TV show was distracting me! I’d be the same thinking put up the Christmas lights whilst you have the ladder out. Lol

    1. It’s Brunswick Fingerless mitts by Jo Torr, I tested for her but she only required one finished for her test. I’m gifting them to a good friend and will probably make myself some at a future date. Thanks!
      Oh no, I don’t dare!

    2. It’s Brunswick Fingerless mitts by Jo Torr, I tested for her but she only required one finished for her test. I’m gifting them to a good friend and will probably make myself some at a future date. Thanks!Oh no, I don’t dare!

  3. What a great attitude you have about having to rip the mit back to put in a thumb gusset. Those are absolutely beautiful! Oh, and I love your pumpkin bird feeder! I want to do that!!!

  4. You have given me the confidence (I think) of doing some stranded color work. I have put it off for long enough and I love yours….gorgeous! I also love that yarn you’re using on your socks. As for your shelter you are building. I just watched a podcast on Simple Living Alaska where they were building one. They are on You Tube. I’m always watching self-sufficiency and homesteading podcasts. I still have the dream but I am getting old and tired. You need to have it all in place while you’re still young and energetic and strong! LOL! I also love the pumpkin idea! Have a great week!

  5. Those mitts are gorgeous!!!!! I did have a little chuckle about missing the thumb gusset, what knitter hasn’t made similar boo boos. Your chickadee looks very pleased with the pumpkin bird feeder! We only had 13 trick or treaters this year – every year it seems less and less, and then all the left over candy went into the garbage – I don’t need the temptation. I am glad I was one of those you visited last week. My hummingbird is on my chain close to my heart.

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